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08 November 2008 @ 11:02 pm
Welcome to CHALLENGE 002

Follow the cut to find out what this week's theme is with all the info and rules

Hey Guys, So for the second Challenge, I wanted to focus on a broader range of subjects, and so I decided that this week's challenge will be:
Disney Channel Stars or Fictional Characters Ships
So basically all I want to see from you guys are shipping icons.

The rules are pretty simple, but they do need to be followed for your icon to count.
- The icons must have 2 people in it.

- Male/Female pairings only please.

- Both of the people in the icon MUST be connected to the Disney Channel. That means no Joe/Taylor or Kevin/Danielle ships.

- They can be of the real-life actors, and they can be real couples, broken up couples or just couples you wish were together etc.
For example: Nick Jonas/Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas/Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas/Demi Lovato, Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens etc.etc.

- They can be of fictional character couples on the disney channel, they can be actual couples in the films or tv shows or couples that are broken up or couples that you just wish would get together etc.
For example: Miley Stewart/Jake Ryan, Lily/Oliver, Troy/Gabriella, Troy/Sharpay, Shane/Mitchie, Phil/Keely etc.etc.

- This is your chance to BE CREATIVE and unleash your FAVOURITE pairings.

Here are a few example photos to get you started:

However, you are free to use whatever photos you want, just so long as it contains a romantic pairing between two Disney Channel Stars or Fictional Characters!

- Please submit your icons to this post.
- All of the comments will be screened so that your entries remain anonymous.
- For all the rules and info on how to submit your icons etc. please read it on the profile
- You may submit up to FOUR (4) ICONS.
- All icons must be submitted by FRIDAY, 14 NOVEMBER at 10.30PM Pacific/Auckland time
- The special category this week will be: BEST SHIP

If you have any questions at all, just leave me a comment in this post.
Thanks so much and good luck with the challenge!!! I really hope to see lots of entries!